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Mr. Benjamin Jesse Perego

Registration number 20160323A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Mr. Benjamin Jesse Perego are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Gules on a bend Argent three bears rampant Sable between two escucheons Ermine and a bordure Sable fimbriated Or.
Crest: A bear's head Sable.
Motto: Blood Bears Blood


The armiger is very proud of his family and heritage. He loves his family and would go great lengths to take care, help, and support any one of them, immediate or extended. Gules field represents blood (family). The bend argent means the armiger's promise of protection. The bears rampant represent the his children, the armiger himself, and also his immediate family, extended family, and himself. The shields ermine hold one of strength, sacrifice, and action; the other of truth, loyalty, and peace. Also the shield are one for immediate and one for extended or one for each of the armiger's children. The border sable is for the loyalty to his family and the orle or notes the importance of family. The motto itself hold several meanings: family supports family, family brings life to family, family must endure family, and as a warning to others blood, will bring forth blood.

Registered by

Benjamin Perego


Personal, Original, US, P

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