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The City of St. Augustine, Florida

Registration number 20100408G

This certifies that the heraldic arms of The City of St. Augustine, Florida are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Quarterly, 1st Azure, a fleur de lis Or; 2nd Gules, a castle Or masoned Sable; 3rd Argent, a lion rampant Purpure; 4th Gules, dexter arm armed embowed fessways the hand grasping a sword, Argent; overall a cross Or.
Crest: A mural crown of five towers Or.


Authorized by King Philip V, of Spain, on November 26, 1715.


Adopted by the St. Augustine City Commission as its official city seal in December 1991.

Design rationale

The fleur de lis represents the French House of Bourbon from which Philip V descended. The castle and lion correspond with the arms of Spain. The arm and sword represents St. Augustine as a Spanish military outpost.

Historical note

In the year 1715 the citizens of St. Augustine petitioned Philip V, King of Spain to grant the city a coat of arms for its faithful and courageous service to Spain. There is no record of the request being fulfilled, so in 1991, the City Commission passed a resolution authorizing a formal request to Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, for a coat of arms for the city. Research conducted by Vicente de Cardenas y Vicent, Herald, King of Arms, Dean of the Corps of Heralds for Spain, revealed that a coat of arms for the city had indeed been authorized by Philip V on November 26, 1715. The City received the coat of arms on October 12, 1991, nearly 276 years after it was granted. In December 1991, the City Commission adopted the coat of arms as the official city seal.

Registered by

Arian Collins


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