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Dean Brian Teeselink

Registration number 20160229A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Dean Brian Teeselink are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Per pale Or and Gules two demi-annulets conjoined in pale dexter over sinister and two mullets in bend sinister all counterchanged.
Crest: On a wreath Or and Gules a mullet Gules between two elephant trunks per fess Gules and Or.


The Coat of Arms is designed in 2014 by J.H.M. (Jos) Drubers and H.A.J. (Herbert) Teesselink, commissioned by Dean Brian Teeselink.

Dean Brian Teeselink, born September 20, 1964 in Tyler, Minnesota, USA, son of Alfred Herbert Teeselink and Leila Faye Tinklenberg, to all name-bearing descendants of Hendrikus Teesselink, alias Dick Teeselink, grandfather of the applicant.

Applicant is descended from Hendrik Hermsen Dakhorst, alias Theselink and Hendrina Albers Slotman. Hendrik Hermsen Dakhorst was born Rectum municipality Wierden and was baptized on July 3, 1746 in Rijssen. He married in Hellendoorn April 7, 1769 to Hendrina Slotman Albers, born in Noetsele municipality Hellendoorn and baptized on November 14, 1745 in Hellendoorn. Hendrik Hermsen Dakhorst occupied the inheritance Teesselink .

The Coat of Arms is derived, with permission, from the wappen Teesselink, CBG registration number 703.

The short wavy vertical bar symbolizes the surname change upon Teesselink immigration to America. The grandfather of the applicant was born in Hellendoorn on October 5, 1898 and is registered under the name Teesselink. On March 21, 1904 he immigrated with his parents Frederikus Johannes Teesselink and Frederika Tijsselink to the United States. Frederikus Teesselink is listed on the naturalization certificate as Teeselink and he also signed as such. His four male descendants continue under the name Teeslink and Teeselink. For the applicant, the use of the letter S has a special meaning.

The elephant trunks refer to the origin of the name of the mother of the applicant. The Tinklenberg family comes from the area Opperdoes, Andijk and Hoorn (in the Netherlands), but has its origin in Laudenbach Germany, to the miller of "Tinkelbergse Muehle" in the 15th century.

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Dean Teeselink


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