Zygmunt Garczewski

Registration number 20150610H

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Zygmunt Garczewski are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Per pale Azure and Gules a lion Rampant regardant Argent between in chief a pair of keys in saltire wards outward and downward and a broad arrowhead, the shaft enflied by an open crown and its end split into a demi-annulet, all Or.
Crest: On a wreath Azure, Argent and Gules a demi lion regardant Argent holding in it's sinister paw a key Or pale-wise, ward outward.
Mantling: Dexter Azure doubled Argent, sinister Gules doubled Argent.
Motto: Ducere aude (Have the courage to lead)


The two gold symbols are taken from the arms of the city of Poznan (the crossed keys), where the armiger currently resides, and the village of Kikˇł (the arrow on a ring) where his father lived. These two symbols represent the present and the past.

The lion symbolizes courage and leadership, and along with the key in the crest alludes to the armiger's career of public service. Its head is turned towards the sinister half, which is supposed to hint at "remember the past".

Since these arms are, in accordance with Polish heraldic tradition, used undifferenced by all descendants of the arminger, the lion also alludes to leadership careers of the arminger's son (in the military), and grandsons (in business and NGOs).

Registered by

Łukasz Garczewski


Personal, Original, PL, G

Roll of Arms