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Nathaniel Lee Peterson

Registration number 20150610C

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Nathaniel Lee Peterson are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Vert a gamelyon rampant grasping a sword Argent hilted and with an eagle-headed pommel Or, in chief an arc of five suns radiant the center one larger than the others also Or
Crest: On a wreath Argent, Vert and Or a gamelyon sejant affronty extendant grasping in the dexter paw a sword pointed down Argent, hilted and with an eagle's head pommel Or, grasping in the sinister paw a pole Proper with a spear tip Or with a pennon Vert and Argent a sun radiant counter-charged and mantled Vert doubled Or
Mantling: Vert doubled Or
Motto: However long the night, the dawn will break


The armiger chose Vert to represent joy, hope, benevolence, mercy and leadership; Argent to represent the state of grace and Or to represent love and truth.

The Gamelyon is a hybrid, composed of a lion's body with dragon wings and the head of a wolf, dragon or possibly even a griffon, which exhibits a dragonís forked tongue. In similar fashion, the armigerís DNA is composed of African, European and at least three other trace regions and numerous sub regions. The armiger appears differently to people, depending on their experience, expectations and perceptions. The 'rampant' pose is used to represent active selfless service and the armigerís struggle against self imposed paralysis and indifference. The barbed tongue is a reminder of an ADR truism, that words have power. The dragon wings (which are actually bat wings) symbolize flexibility, adaptability and movement, as bats are much more maneuverable in the air than birds. The Gamelyon is tied to the Arthurian Legends, which ties into the armigerís enjoyment of fantastic literature.

The Sword & Eagle Pommel : The eagle represents and honors the armigerís ancestors and the hilt and sword honour their struggle and survival through migration, slavery and transition. It also honors the numerous members of the family who served in the military and survived wars.

There are five suns because the number five symbolizes the Eons with the current eon being the central larger one. The suns represent life, action and energy. They also represent the immediate families of the armiger and his wife Morina : one for each set of the siblings, the armiger's parents and his wife being expressed by the central sun.

The crest sword is pointed downward as a representation of combat that has ended. It was the armigerís desire to enter the military, but that plan fell through. Also, once again, the Eagle is raised in a position of honour.

Pennon - The raised pennon is a personal admonition to continue developing my servant, leadership and mediation styles. I am to do so with the meanings of Vert and Argent, inter-mixed, in mind.

The badge represents a sword ready for use, but only as a last resort. The dragon wings embody flexibility and options. The stars mirror the symbolism of the shield stars, while the eagle has also been described on both the shield and the crest.


Registered: The International Register of Arms, 19th February 2015. Registration No. 0320 (Vol.2).

Registered by

Nathaniel Peterson


Personal, Original, US, P

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