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Isaac H Walters

Registration number 20150604B

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Isaac H Walters are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Per pale Erminois and Pean a fess wavy Azure.
Crest: From a wreath Or and Sable on a grassy mound a beaver segent erect Proper blowing a hunting horn Or.
Motto: Mors ad Ignorantiam (Death to Ignorance)


The field, per pale erminois and pean was chosen, both being furs. The armiger has spent his life in sporting pursuits; hunting, trapping, and fishing. As a landowner and steward of the land, managing the resources, including game, is of great interest to the armiger.

Erminois and Pean were also chosen as they involve the tinctures of or and sable, prominent colors in Campbell arms. The armiger is a member of the Clan Campbell Society of North America and a descendent of numerous Campbells.

The fess azure wavvy is symbolic of the creek that runs through the valley and land of the armiger and for which the valley is named. It is in this creek that the armiger often fishes and traps.

The beaver symbolizes the armigerís land and work on the land. Beaver frequent the valley and creek and are often a nuisance to other landowners as well as the Department of Natural Resources. Many local landowners seek out the armigerís assistance in removing the beaver and helping manage the creek, the trout population and their land. Additionally, the beaver symbolizes the historic fur trade. This is one of the armigerís foci in his history MA. He has lectured around the U.S. and Canada on this topic.

The motto of "Death to Ignorance" (Mors ad Ignorantiam) is an allusion to the armigers degrees, education, and commitment to lifelong learning. It is also a commentary to his occupation as an educator of over a decade.

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Isaac Walters


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