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Joseph W. Lindsay Haley III

Registration number 20150603A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Joseph W. Lindsay Haley III which honor his 7th great-grandfather Robert Lindsay are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Gules a fess checky Azure an Argent, in chief between a pair of wings conjoined two arrows in saltire points upward and between the upper parts thereof, a star of five points all Argent and in base an escutcheon Gules charged with a thistle slipped and leaved Or within a bordure Argent.
Crest: A demi-swan wings erect Argent holding in the beak a pair of balances Or.
Mantling: Azure doubled Argent
Motto: Recta Vel Ardua (Right Through Difficult)

Biographical Information

The armiger's immigrant 7th great grandfather Robert Lindsay, son of Lt.Col. Bernard Lindsay of Kingswark and his Lindsay wife, Rachel Lindsay, daughter of Sir Hirome Lindsay, Lord Lyon, an Edzell Lindsay, line of the Chief's Earldom of Crawford, Premier Earldom of Scotland. Robert was brought to the Virginia Colony in the 1650's by his uncle, the Rev. David Lindsay, son of Sir Hirome Lindsay, Lord Lyon. Col Lindsay's father, also Bernard was a descendent of the line of the Earls of Lindsay, the Clan Chieftains. Because of the Lindsay habit (Flemish) of marring other Lindsay cousins, the armiger related to most of the Lindsay lines.


The basic shield Gules, with Azure and Argent fess cheky is the base for those of descent from the early Earls of Crawford (1398). As the armiger has lines from the third and Ninth Earls, he is 12th cousin to the the current Earl. The wings show the armiger's occupation of Commercial Pilot. The arrows and star, for his interest of traditional archery and astornomy, and the thistle for Scotland. Being a pilot, the armiger thought it funny to trnslate Recta in the motto, as Upright.


Registered with the American College of Heraldry, as the armiger is an American. Until Scotland dissolves its Union with England, he will not ask for a grant from Lord Lyon. The armiger has three Lord Lyon's in his Lindsay line. Clan Chief Alexander Lindsay has given approval for the armiger to use the swan in his crest to show their Flemish origins and the armiger wears one feather as a clan armiger.

The armiger honors his Scottish ancestry through these arms as well as through his contributed donations to the Border Forest Trust (Scotland) to purchase Glen Carrifran, and in helping to plant over a million trees in that glen in Moffatdale, the Borders.

Registered by

Joseph W. Lindsay Haley


Personal, Original, US, H

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