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Duane Eugene Eastman

Registration number 20150601B

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Duane Eugene Eastman are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Sable a chevron Argent coupled-close between two wolves rampant respectant and a third wolf rampant Or.
Crest: Issuant from a wreath of dogwood and poppy flowers Argent an owl displayed wings elevated Or.
Mantling: Sable doubled Or.
Motto: A Coeur Vaillant Rein Impossible (To a Valient Heart, Nothing is Impossible)


Sable for the armiger's constant unwavering strength. Or for his generosity to others.

The larger chevron was chosen to not only symbolize protection, but the armiger has worked in construction for most of his life and builds trusses/rafters for buildings. The two coupled-close chevrons Or symbolize his love of the outdoors and working outside.

The wolves were chosen for his strong connection to animals, and loves wolves and their pack mentality. He has also worked in hard industries his entire life, and has a fierce loyalty to his family. The two wolves respecting one another symbolizes the respect the armiger and his wife have for one another.

For the crest, poppy flowers were chosen for the hope and joy within the armiger's family when they are together, and the dogwood flowers for the amount of love they have for one another despite the adversity their family has endured. The owl symbolizes the vigilant watch over not only the armiger's loved ones, but his friends over the years whenever someone needed a helping hand.


Dustin William Eastman to inherit these arms.

Registered by

Dustin Eastman


Personal, Original, US, E

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