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Douglas Evan Solberg-Bell

Registration number 20150316J

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Douglas Evan Solberg-Bell are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Azure, upon a chevron between three bells placed two and one Or two Viking axes Proper.
Crest: On a wreath Or and Azure two ravens (Corvus corax) Proper.
Motto: OMNIA MUTANTUR, NIHIL INTERIT (All things change, but nothing is truly lost)


The bells honour early colonial Bell and Beall armigers, amongst whom it was a common charge. The chevron represents the Solberg, a prominent geographical feature near Tvedestrand, Norway, from which an ancestor of the armiger's wife hailed. The Viking axes represent the warrior heritage of both families--Norse on the side of the armiger's wife, Gallowglas rulers and Norman nobility and knights on the armiger's.

The two ravens of the crest and badge symbolize Huginn and Muninn, the spies of the Norse god Odin, the All-Father.


  • Registered by the State Herald of South Africa, registered under Government Notice No. 423 of 21st June 2013 (H4/3/4/971). Certificate No. 3821 issued on 23d August 2013.
  • Registered by the International Register of Arms, 4th November 2013. Registration No. 0285 (Vol.2).

Registered by

Douglas Evan Solberg-Bell


Personal, Original, US, S

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