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Prof. Dr. Antonio Virgili

Registration number 20150217A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Prof. Dr. Antonio Virgili borne by his father Fernando Virgili are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Gules a mount of six peaks Or placed one, two and three.
Crest: The shield is ensigned of an embellished open-visored Ducal helmet Or.
Mantling: Behind the shield is draped his robe of estate Gules, doubled ermine, fringed Or.
Motto: Ad Altiora

Biographical Information:

  • Fernando Virgili (06 SEP 1913 - 03 APR 2007)
  • Antonio Virgili (13 JUN 1957 -)
  • Alexander Virgili (19 FEB 1975 -)


  • South Africa State Herald Bureau, official Registration n. 3373, on 02-12-2003
  • Kingdom of Spain, Official Herald of Castilla y Leon, Official Registration n.13, on 25-07-2004

Registered by

Antonio Virgili


Personal, Ancestral, IT, V

Roll of Arms