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Evan McCarthy

Registration number 20150213A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Evan McCarthy are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Azure a chevron Or between in chief two closed books and in base an estoile Argent within a wreath of broom Or and on a chief Or a lion rampant guardant Azure.
Crest: Upon a wreath of the colours Argent and Azure an Eagle Argent displayed crowned Or.
Mantling: Azure doubled Argent
Motto: Dogmata Docent Te (The tenets guide you)


The shield illustrates the virtues the armiger has demonstrated in life through word and deed. The shield Azure to represent devotion to truth that is the driving force for all virtuous endeavors. The chevron Or to symbolize protection of that which is rooted in wisdom and charity. Charity demands beneficence and fraternal correction, and is the manifestation of virtue. Wisdom is not dependent on charity, but charity requires wisdom to discern true good and to teach. The sprigs of broom Or to symbolize humility, particularly humility in charity. Prudence allows us to discern true good, and prudence manifests through humility. Therefore humility is the foundation for the pursuit of the good. The estoile Argent to symbolize peaceful and sincere pursuit of righteousness. The Chief Or to symbolize wisdom and authority as a scholar. The lion rampant guardant in chief to symbolize prudence and courage in authority. The closed books Argent to symbolize unfeigned counsel. Counsel is a manifestation of charity that serves to enlighten. For the crest, a crowned eagle Argent displayed as an illustration of leadership and "true magnanimity and strength of mind." The crowned eagle is representative of the Holy Roman Empire and is supposed to illustrate the Germanic ethnicity of the armiger. The Or and Azure tinctures also recall the same tinctures used in the Lansing coat of arms, granted to Evan's 9th Great Grandfather.

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Evan McCarthy


Personal, Original, US, M

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