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Angela L. Steltzer

Registration number 20150204D

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Angela L. Steltzer are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Sable a phoenix displayed Or rising from the flames Proper in chief three bezants each charged with a hypocycloidal astroid Sable.
Crest: From a torse Or and Sable a Little Owl (Athene Noctua) affronty Argent charged on the breast with a Nativity Star of eight points Purpure.
Motto: Nolite Credere Cessare (Don't stop believing)


The Phoenix represents rebirth and for the armiger represents starting a new life in a different city. The armiger and husband are originally from Pittsburgh and are life-long fans of all the sports teams; hence the use of a black and gold color scheme. The three astroids above the phoenix represent the city of Pittsburgh in a number of ways. First, the steel industry, which was a major part of life up there. The astroids were a steel emblem, and the Steelers got permission from US Steel to use the emblem on the helmets. Pittsburgh has 3 rivers, which is also reflected in the use of three astroids. In addition, each of them represents each of the armiger's three children. The owl symbolizes wisdom and love of justice, as the armiger and her husband are both attorneys. The nativity star on the owl's breast symbolizes Christ. The motto is the closest Latin translation for "Don't Stop Believing"-- a song by Journey. It also serves as a reminder that belief in Christ should be constant through all things.


The artist is Daniel C. Gill of the International Association of Amateur Heralds.

Registered by

Angela L. Steltzer


Personal, Original, US, S

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