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Robert Conquergood of Roxburgh Parish, Scotland (1781 - 1861)

Registration number 20141228B

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Robert Conquergood of Roxburgh Parish, Scotland (1781 - 1861) which are offered in memoriam and conveyed to his descendants are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Azure a chevron Argent fretty Bleu-Celeste between three laurel wreaths Argent.
Crest:A seagull rising wings elevated and addorsed Proper holding in it's beak a rose Argent slipped, leaved, barbed and seeded Proper.
Mantling:Azure Doubled Argent
Motto:Tamen Perge (Press On Regardless)
Badge: The crest surrounded by a strap and buckle bearing the motto

Biographical Information

Robert Conquergood was born 5 December 1781 in Roxburgh Parish, Roxburghshire Scotland, as recorded in the parish register. He emigrated to Ontario, Canada with his wife, son Robert and family circa 1854, where he died in 1861.  His descendants have since settled across Canada and the United States.


The colors reflect Scottish ancestry; the arms of the old Royal Burgh of Roxburgh; and the Conquergood tartan adopted by the family at their 9th biannual Conquergood Reunion at Kelowna, British Columbia in 1990 (see the Scottish Register of Tartans). The chevron reflects the main charge of the Kerr Dukes of Roxburghe, the feudal superiors of most of the lands in the parish. The laurel wreaths allude to the first part of the surname, and the fretty pattern in light blue on white on the chevron alludes to the family tartan.

The seagull and rose in the crest reflect the canting arms of the old Burgh of Roxburgh (currently used by the nearby modern burgh of Kelso), which featured an eagle and dove on a rosebush, all white on a blue field. Flocks of seagulls are common in the old Scottish parish, around Lake Ontario in Canada, and many other places where descendants have settled across Canada and the US. The motto (above or around the crest, in the Scottish style) is an approximate Latin translation of the personal motto of an honored family member who served with the RCAF in WW II.


The arms were designed for this family by members of the Heraldry Society of Scotland, and especially Rev. Denis Turner. Registration of the arms by members of the family was authorized by Robert's descendants at their 21st biannual Conquergood Reunion held in Bow Island, Alberta in 2014.

Registered by

Donna Conquergood McCartney & Michael F. McCartney


Personal, Ancestral, GB, CA, C

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