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Matthew James Smith

Registration number 20141228A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Matthew James Smith are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Per pale Sanguine and Or a wolf courant regardant counter-changed and on a chief Sable a hawk displayed Or.
Crest: A wolf's head Or holding in his mouth a broom plant Vert.
Mantling: Sanguine doubled Or.
Motto: Ad Destinatum Persequere Ad Bravium (Press Toward the Mark for the Prize)


The design of these arms is meant to remind the armiger and his descendants not of who they are, but of who they should strive to become. Much of the symbolism comes from traditional heraldry with some added emphasis by the armiger. The armiger has chosen for his own personal code the virtues of Courage, Wisdom, Honor and above all Humility. These are reflected in the components and charges of the arms.

We begin with the colors. Sanguine reminds us to be patient in all things so that we might be able to achieve those goals we set for ourselves. The color Or reminds us to be generous. This is an area of personal struggle for the armiger. Sable reminds us to remain constant and even tempered whatever the situation. Vert reminds us that no matter what, we always have the hope of our salvation in Christ Jesus.

To symbolize courage, the armiger first considered the Lion but felt that it would reflect a courage that is not in keeping with his personal code. It is not dauntless courage that seeks to be brave and may reflect pride but the courage that is of necessity and is shaped thoughtfully. The wolf was chosen because although it does not possess the size or strength of the Lion, when put to the test the wolf will be courageous beyond its measure. The attitude of the wolf was chosen to remind us that we should always be moving forward but with an eye on the past.

To symbolize Wisdom, the armiger has chosen the Chief. It reminds us to always use Wisdom in life and the decisions made in it. We should stop and reflect rather than jump to swift decisions.

To symbolize humility, the armiger has chosen the Broom Plant. Broom is a common plant found in many regions around the world. It is often considered a lowly weed and a nuisance and is not assigned any prominence among plant species. The broom is placed as the highest element in the armorial achievement to remind us to be humble above all else.

The hawk was chosen as a reflection of the armiger's motto Ad Destinatum Persequere Ad Bravium "Press Toward the Mark for the Prize" which is taken from Phillipians 3:14. In this passage the Apostle Paul tells of how he is striving towards being like Christ. He states that though he has not attained it yet, he forgets what is behind him presses ahead toward the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. The hawk is one who follows hard after its target and is a fitting symbol for this motto.

The armiger hopes that keeping these thoughts and virtues in heart and mind will lead he and his descendants toward honor. Not to win honor from men but to live honorably among them.


American College of Heraldry reg: 3510, 31 May 2012

Registered by

Matthew James Smith


Personal, Original, US, S

Roll of Arms