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Nicholas T. Hutchinson

Registration number 20130725A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Nicholas T. Hutchinson are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Per pale raguly Argent and Sable, dexter in pale a fleur-de-lis Azure and a rose Gules, barbed and seeded proper, sinister a griffin segreant Argent, beaked and membered Or, armed and langued Gules.
Crest: A demi sun Gules.
Mantling: Sable doubled Argent.
Motto: Family Is Our Strength

Design rationale

Elements have been taken from my father's assumed arms. The griffon symbolizes vigilance, the rose represents my mother, the fleurdelis represents my father, and the demi sun is for heritage as it grows with the expansion of family.


International Association of Amateur Heralds, August 1, 2012

Registered by

Nicholas T. Hutchinson


Personal, Original, US, H

Roll of Arms