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Anne Arundel County Fire Department - Special Operations

Registration number 20130704A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Anne Arundel County Fire Department - Special Operations are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Sanguine a Maltese cross Argent between flaunches barry wavy of eight Argent and Azure.
Crest: A vol of angelís wings displayed and inverted Argent; issuing from center a New York Roof hook erect Sable; surmounted by rescue spreaders of the first, displayed; overall an NFPA 704 diamond proper.
Motto: Whatever it takes

Design Rationale

Shield: Maroon (the heraldic color Sanguine) the color traditionally associated with Special Forces around the world, represents our role as Special Operations Firefighters. The Maltese cross is the traditional symbol of the firefighter; eight points representing the 8 specialties that our station members must master. The flaunches represent the Severn and Magothy Rivers that dominate our response area, pinching the land to a narrow area in the middle.

Crest: Angelís wings represent the hope of rescue and swift response. The New York roof hook symbolizes our traditional skills in firefighting. Rescue spreaders embody the modern tools we use to effect rescues. The NFPA 704 diamond demonstrates our knowledge of hazardous materials and provides a shield protecting our members and the public.

Motto: James Patrick Weeks is the only member from Station 23 to die in the Line of Duty. His memorial plaque hangs above the door to the engine bays, reminding us of what is necessary on each call.

Registered by

Carl Yetter


Organization, Original, US, A

Roll of Arms