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Larry Lamont Phemister

Registration number 20100605A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Larry Lamont Phemister are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Per bend Azure and Gules in chief a Latin cross bottony Or charged with an Orthodox cross Gules between the letters IC on the dexter arm and XC on the sinister arm Sable and in base an Oak Tree eradicated and fructed of five acorns proper.
Crest: Upon a wave a Viking longship affront� the oars feathered proper the mainsail paly of eleven pieces Gules and Argent.
Mantling: Azure doubled Or.
Motto: All Men are God's Creatures

Biographical Information

Larry Lamont Phemister was born in Mt. Vernon, Illinois in 1938, the son of Leslie Laverne and Sevah Eunile Phemister. He earned a B.S. in Marine Engineering in 1960 from the Unites States Naval Academy and a M.S. in systems engineering in 1967 from the University of the West. He served as a US Naval officer in submarines, volunteered to serve on shore duty in Viet Nam, and rose to the rank of lieutenant. After completion of naval service in 1965, he became active in advancement of the state of the art in software engineering. Has been engaged in activism for progressive politics for several years.


The Viking longship of the crest represents the Scandinavian roots of the Scottish Phemisters, the Orthodox Cross represents the armiger's religion and the oak tree represents the birthplace of the armiger's wife, Dubky ("oaks"), Russia.

Registered by

Larry L. Snyder


Personal, Original, US, P

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