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The City of Fredericksburg, Virginia

Registration number 20100408F

This certifies that the heraldic arms of The City of Fredericksburg, Virginia are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Argent, on a saltire Azure, two ostrich feathers in saltire Or, in the middle chief an inescutcheon Gules charged with a Crown of Charlemagne Or.
Crest: Out of a crest coronet Or, a cardinal bird wings elevated and addorsed Proper.
Motto: Famam extendimus factis (We extend fame by deeds)
Supporters: Two griffins segreant wings elevated and addorsed Or, armed and langued Gules.


Fredericksburg, Virginia Municipal Code, Part III, Chapter 1, Sec. 1-12 (Ord. No. 72-34, 2-13-73; Code 1984, §1-10).

Design rationale

Arms: The two feathers are taken from the Badge of the Prince of Wales to memorialize Prince Frederick, the eldest son of King George II of England, for whom the City of Fredericksburg was named. The small red shield with a golden Crown of Charlemagne is taken from the arms of the Royal House of Hanover in commemoration of the naming of the early streets of the City for members of that royal family. The silver background symbolizes the idealism and sacrifice of the Revolutionary War.The blue saltire is from the Battle Flag of the Confederate Army.

Crest: The crest is based upon the crest of George Washington, which is a golden coronet with a raven issuing therefrom. Washington’s crest has been differenced by replacing the raven with a Cardinal, the official state bird of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Supporters: The griffin represents the illustrious heritage of Fredericksburg’s British Colonial past and its American role of the past, present, and future.Motto: The motto alludes to the fact that, although stoutly proud of its past, the City of Fredericksburg is a very real part of America’s present and future.

Registered by

Arian Collins


City, US, F

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