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Barrie John Burr

Registration number 20100321Q

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Barrie John Burr are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Vert upon a pale Or a pallet Azure over all a representation of a compass star with the four main points of N. S. E. W. in Runic lettering Argent on a chief Gules supported by a fillét sappinagé Argent a “British Lion” passant guardant also Argent armed and langued Azure.
Mantling: To chief Vert doubled Or to base Gules doubled Argent.
Crest: Issuing from a torse of the mantling upon a sandy mound a buzzard holding in it’s beak an artist’s paint brush bendwise bristles uppermost all proper.
Motto: Nehmen Sie Mich Wie Ich Bin
Badges: (1) A plate charged with a boar's head caboshed Sable. (2) A plate charged with two artists paint brushes in saltire bristles uppermost in front of a lilly slipped and leaved all proper.

Design rationale

Red and white in the upper part (Northern hemisphere) denotes my country of birth, England.Green and gold in the lower part (Southern hemisphere) denotes my country of residence, Australia. The blue represents the oceans over which I sailed from England to Australia. The white division line of sappinage (trees) represents the forests through which I race in my sport of car rallying and the compass star represents my role within the sport as that of a navigator (co-driver).

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Personal, Original, AU, B

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