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Flos Carmeli Home School

Registration number 20100318K

This certifies that the heraldic arms of the Flos Carmeli Home School are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Argent a chevron Gules, in base a rose san barbs Gules seeded Argent.
Motto: E Domo Floret Sapientia (From out of the home wisdom flourishes)

Design rationale

The home school name is Flos Carmeli, which in Latin is one of the titles the Catholic Church has given to Our Blessed Mother. Flos Carmeli means Flower of Carmel (Carmel is a mountain in the Holy Land). I chose a chevron to represent the heights of Mt. Carmel, the flower (the rose) represents The Virgin, which is one of the symbols common to her. As it relates to the homeschool, the chevron also is to depict the roof top of a house (our home school) and the flower relates to our motto, that out of the home, wisdom will flourish (or blossom) so the rose in the base represents also wisdom that the children, hopefully, will gain by being schooled at home. The silver represents purity which is being guarded by homeschooling and the red represents courage that will be needed by them when they take what they have learned from me and go out into the world.

Registered by

Charlie Olson


Education, Original, US, F

Roll of Arms