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Gregory Byron Stone

Registration number 20100302A

This certifies that heraldic arms of Gregory Byron Stone are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Vert on a saltire Argent another Sable and on a chief Argent three cinquefoils Sable.
Crest: Upon a torse Argent and Vert, an elm tree proper pierced by an arrow point to sinister Or.
Motto: Stabilis quod Paratus (Steadfast and Prepared)

Biographical information

Father of two and very proud to call myself a Vermonter. Mechanical design engineer and estimator by trade. My mother's side of the family is Scottish and English, and my father's side is English and French. I was raised Scottish, that is to say the Scottish side was the most vocal and proud. I have since gotten involved in Clan Johnston/e in America as the Vermont state commissioner, something of which I am very proud.

Design rationale

The basis was the chief of the Johnstone's arms modified heavely. The sable saltire upon the argent saltire is to represent the Johnstone connection, the vert field is to represent Vermont. The argent chief with three sable cinquefoils is to represent the Stone family.The elm tree in the crest represents my ancestral home, Elm Cottage, of which I (and my brother) are the 6th generation to grow up in, my children will be the 7th generation. The arrow is to represent preparedness.

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Personal, Original, US, S

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