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Thomas Lowell Behel Jr.

Registration number 20100224C

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Thomas Lowell Behel, Jr. are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Tierced per pairle reversed Gules, Argent, and Azure, in dexter a lion rampant regardant to sinister of the second holding aloft a cross crosslet fitchee couped Or, in sinister a lion rampant regardant of the first holding aloft a carpenters square of the fourth, in base a plow of the fourth fimbriated Sable and in chief, a mullet of eight Or.
Crest: A pair of red-tailed hawk wings addorsed and elevated proper.
Motto: Immer Treu Zu Gott und Familie (Ever Faithful to God and Family)

Biographical information

Born in 1942 in Alabama to sharecropper parents of Swiss Germanic ancestry, Thomas Behel has led a life of humble service and has been a shining example to his family and community. He has been a farmer, minister, missionary, carpenter, church elder, devoted husband, father, and grandfather. Thomas Behel's lineage can be traced to Switzerland in the 1500s, where his earliest known ancestor, Christian Bechtel, was persecuted and later exiled to Germany for refusing to denounce his Anabaptist faith.

Design rationale

The lions and field tinctures that are present in the armorial bearings of Thomas Behel represent the lions and tinctures present in the coat of arms of the Hessen and Palatinate city states in Germany where his ancestors, then named Bechtel, lived before departing for America. In the first, the lion is holding aloft a crosslet fitchee. The crosslet fitchee represent an unshakable faith and represents the bearerís devotion to the cause of Christ. It represents the bearer's leadership through years of missionary work, ministry, and eldership in the church. In the second, the lion is holding aloft a carpenterís square. The square represents the bearer's trade as a builder but also represents an upright and just life. In the third, there is a plow. This represents the bearerís love of farming and the joy that is received by reaping the benefits of hard work. The traditional use of eagle wings that are often seen in Germanic Wappen was used to inspire the Red Tail Hawk wings that are present in the bearerís crest. The hawk was chosen to represent the bearerís birthplace and homestead on Hawkpride Mountain in Alabama. The motto, "Immer Treu Zu Gott und Familie" (Ever Faithful to God and Family) describes the character and devotion of the bearer to his maker and his family.

Registered by

Jason Lowell Behel


Personal, Original, US, B

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