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Egmond A. Franck

Registration number 20090418G

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Egmond A. Franck are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Or on a fess Gules three Incan pictographs of condors wings addorsed Or and on a canton Sable a triplet of Kantuta flowers (Cantua buxifolia) slipped and leaved proper.
Crest: The letter "F" Gules between two wings elevated and displayed Or.
Motto: Por Siempre Adelante (Forever Forward)

Biographical information

Born in Bolivia; immigrated to the US in 1965 and became a US citizen while serving in the US Air Force. I am married and we have a daughter and three sons.

Design rationale

My family is of German heritage. My great grandfather immigrated to Bolivia around the mid-eighteen hundreds looking for riches and the exploitation of rubber, thus the colors sable-gules-or. The three “Kantuta” flowers represent my immediate origin, Bolivia and at the same time they represent my daughter. The condors, shown as stylized Inca depictions, represent my three sons. The condors also represent the high goals and inspiration that we have instilled to our daughter and sons in order for them find happiness and success in their lives.

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Personal, Original, US, F

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