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Michael Dayton Holmes and Genta Hawkins Holmes

Registration number 20090414A

This certifies that heraldic arms of Michael Dayton Holmes and Genta Hawkins Holmes are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Or on a point wavy Azure and Argent a lion statant Gules in chief a flower of the king protea (Protea cynaroides) Gules stamened Argent between two mullets of seven points Azure.
Crest: A bald eagle rising wings elevated and addorsed Azure headed Argent holding in its dexter talon a quill Or and a laurel branch proper.

Design rationale

The waves of the sea, which feature in the arms of Genta Hawkins Holmes and Michael Dayton Holmes, are a key element in the arms of a familial ancestor, Sir John Hawkins (1532-1595), who was a shipbuilder, naval commander, merchant, navigator, and slave trader in sixteenth century England. His service to the crown included appointments as Treasurer and Controller of the Navy. The lion heralds the pride and power the armigers derive from their familial roots, on the one side in England and on the other in Ireland. On the present arms, the waves of the sea also signify the extended periods both armigers have spent overseas in the service of their country. The two Federation stars specifically recall the time they spent together in Australia, when they lived in Canberra, toured much of the continent, and worked together in the service of the United States. The flower of the protea cynaroides between the stars recalls the earlier diplomatic service in southern Africa, including postings in South Africa and Namibia. The crest is an adaptation of the bald eagle, traditionally a herald of contributions to the United States, which Ambassador Genta Hawkins Holmes served as Director General of the Foreign Service and which Michael Dayton Holmes served as a member of the 9th Marines in Vietnam. The eagle grasps a quill and laurel branch, signifying commitments to policy and peace.

Registered by

G. Wandesforde-Smith


Personal, Original, US, H

Roll of Arms