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Hannah Marie Anderson née Flyckt

Registration number 20090324A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Hannah Marie Anderson née Flyckt (1899-1964) which are offered in memoriam and conveyed to her descendants are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Per bend sinister Or and Sable a winged lion rampant counterchanged holding in its dexter forepaw a crucellet staff and in its sinister forepaw the battle axe of St. Olav Gules.
Crest: A church on a bridge Argent, the church charged with the emblem of Luther.
Motto: Kristus er broen mellom Gud og mennesket ("Christ is the Bridge between God and Man")

Biographical information

Hannah Marie Flyckt was born at Little Sauk Twp on 31 March, 1899. She was baptized, attended, and was later confirmed at Long Bridge Lutheran Church on 19 October, 1913. Based on her conformation record and the 1900 US federal Census also, affirmed her birth information. Hannah's death information stated her year of birth as 1900. After her early education, she went to Alexandria, MN where she was trained in sewing. After her training, she accepted a position working for Dr. Borchardt as a domestic helper at Osakis, MN.

Hannah met and later married Albert E. Anderson on 3 May, 1923 at Salem Lutheran Church in Gordon Twp, Todd County. Early in their marriage, they lived and worked on the Erick Anderson farm at Gordon Twp., where Albert and Hannah had two children born to them. First, Raynard Julian, on 1 August, 1924. Secondly, Melba Ellen followed. She was born on 6 December, 1926. Hannah and Albert took over operation of the Flyckt farm so Hannah's parents, John and Ragnhild could begin a Truck Garden at Nelson, over in Douglas County, where John was later injured. While working, he fell from the back of a wagon and received internal injuries which rendered him incapable of work, causing them to return to Little Sauk Twp. Hannah and Albert continued to farm where John died on 19 November, 1929, due to his prior internal injuries, at the age of 68. He was laid to rest at Long Bridge Lutheran Church Cemetery. John was preceded in death by his son Emil/Amil who died very young.

Hannah died of ovarian cancer at Long Prairie, MN on 25 December, 1964, at the age 65. She was laid to rest next to her parents. Hannah was a skilled Baker (breads were her specialty). She was an equal partner in the dairy operation and she facilitated egg and poultry production on the farm. Hannah often knitted mittens etc. for the children of the less fortunate in the area. Hannah was a life long member of Long Bridge Lutheran Church and Ladies Aid.

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Design rationale

The arms are synthesis of the arms of Vaster Gotaland, Sweden. Which was the last place of habitation, and was the point of departure from the old to the new world for the family. The Shield is without the stars above and below the lion as a difference, along with the lion being winged or gold, as a cant on the surname of Flyckt, or Flykte, which is Norwegian in origin, meaning "to escape, flee, or fly," with a reversal of metal and tiniture. The maternal origin of the family, Lenes, is displayed with the long staved cross and Axe of Sor Trondelag, Norway, being held by the lion. The crest is a church resting on a bridge charged with a Luther Rose proper in reference to the family's long history with this faith community in Little Sauk Twp, Todd County, Minnesota. The motto in Norwegian, "Christ is the Bridge between God and Man" on a double escroll is an expression of faith in Christ and his role with humanity. Hannah spoke Norwegian prior to her early education.

Registered by

Craig Scott Aberle


Personal, Original, US, A, F

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