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Robert James De Marco

Registration number 20081216B

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Robert James De Marco are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Gules, atop a Trimount Azure a Patriarchal Cross Argent; on a chief raguly tierced per pale Vert, Argent and Gules, in the center a Jesuit IHS Christogram.
Crest: On a wreath Argent, Gules and Vert within a laurel wreath Vert, on a book closed, a lamp lit, accompanied at the dexter side with a book open, charged with a pen in pale, all proper.
Mantling: Dexter Gules, sinister Vert, both doubled Argent.
Motto above: In Italian, Innovazione Tecnologica ("Technological Innovation")
Motto below: In Italian, Dio Di Onore In Tutto Fate ("To honor God in all you do")


American College of Heraldry 3191

Biographical information

Mr. De Marco holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences for Alliance College, a Master of Science in Mass Communications Law from Ohio University and a Paralegal Certificate from Penn State University. He is the father of a daughter, Rebecca; and, is a retired educator and technology specialist.

Design rationale

This achievement denotes the designers Italian and Slovak ancestry. Special significance is given to both his Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox religious beliefs. The crest represents his counsel, teaching and literary scholarship both inside and outside academia.

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Personal, Original, US, D

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