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John Erick Carlson and Anna Elisbet Wikman

Registration number 20080814C

This certifies that the heraldic arms of John Erick Carlson and Anna Elisbet Wikman which are offered in memoriam and conveyed to their descendants are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Or a tower Azure charged with a garb Or on a chief Azure a carpenter's box Or.
Crest: A reindeer's head couped Azure attired Or.
Motto: Life is what you make it

Biographical information

John Erick Carlson was a carpenter, millwright, and contractor specializing in the construction of grain elevators from the upper to western United States and portions of south central Canada. John was born abt. 1860/64 in Sweden where he learned his trade and later immigrated in 1884 to America. He met and later married Anna Elisabet Wikman. She was born at Pitea, Norbotten,Sweden on 23, February,1 861. She was the daughter of Otto Wilhelm Wikmanand Anna Lovisa Eriksdatter. They were married at the Worthington, Presbyterian church on 23, December 1886. John built a house and they started a family; seven children were born to them all at Worthington Twp. Nobles County, MN. Elmer A. was born 30, May 1887, Winnifred in September of 1891, Gladys in November of 1896, Clifford Leroy on 27 March 1897. The Triplets followed: Lillian Linnea, Lulu E., Lela L., on 19 October 1900. They were all raised in the Presbyterian tradition and attended school in Worthington. John Erick Carlson was admitted as a citizen of the United States of America at Worthington, Nobles County, MN on 10 November 1897. John decided to move the family to Minneapolis, MN, between 1915-16, to better position himself to obtain building orders and material and supplies as Minneapolis had grown into a main river and rail center for transport to support Minneapolis's role as a national milling center. The younger children graduated from West high School in south Minneapolis. When the United States entered the First World War both sons entered the service. Elmer was stationed in England where he worked on air plane maintenance for the Army Air Corps. Clifford was placed in the Army Signal Corps. and was deployed to the front in France. Previously, Elmer followed in the Carpenter and Millwright trade under John's training. Clifford did for a time, however he switched to attend formal training in Music while working as a sign painter. John was working on a grain elevator up in Crookston, MN where he fell and suffered a fatal blow to his head and later died on 8 July 1919. He was laid to rest at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis. Anna followed in death at Minneapolis on 15 September 1931 and was laid to rest next to John.

Design rationale

The lower portion shield is a visual play on a grain elevator; the upper portion symbolizes that which a tradesman would carry his tools of his trade in as a Carpenter/Millwright. The tinctures refer to the arms of the old country (Sweden). The reindeer crest, differenced in tincture, refers to the arms of the maternal place of origin (Wikmans in Pitea Norbotten).

Registered by

Craig Scott Aberle


Personal, Original, US, C

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