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Silas Powell

Registration number 20081024A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Silas Powell (1788-1862) which honor the great-grandfather of Larry Meadows Broadfoot are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Vert a Dragon lozengy Gules and Argent on a Chief of the Third three Lozenges of the Second each charged with a Crescent of the Second.
Crest: A dragon lozengy Gules and Argent.
Motto: Paratis et fidelis [Latin for "Ready and faithful"].

Biographical information

Silas Powell b. 1788 NC d. 3 Sep 1862 Johnson Co., GA bd. Okay Grove Cemt. near Wrightsville, Johnson Co., GA md. 1818; Martha Tabitha (Litha) Webb daughter of Samuel Webb and Mary Tabitha Driver b. 2 Jan 1802 d. 13 June 1886 bd. Okay Grove Cemt. near Wrightsville, Johnson Co., GA Silas and his older brother Samson [or Sampson] Powell moved from NC around 1815. He and Litha had thirteen children. Silas had much land and was a farmer. The family intermarried with Powell cousins, Meadows and Fortner siblings, and Davis descendants. Many Powells and descendants are buried in the Okay Grove cemetery.

Design rational

The name Powell is derived from the Welsh "ap Howell," son of Howell. A shield divided silver and green charged with a red dragon is a traditional shield of Wales. The Powell arms are based on variations of these themes. To insure that the arms are unique the Dragon is composed of Red and Silver Lozenges. Three Lozenges on the Chief repeat the theme with each charged with a Crescent, the sign of a second son.

Descent from honored armiger

  • Mother: Vela Dailey Meadows Broadfoot (1903-1996) Vidalia, GA (at death)
  • GFather: John Morgan Sebastian Meadows (1861-1948) Vidalia, GA (at death)
  • 1GGmother: Amelia (Millie) Powell (1829-1888) Kite, GA (at death)
  • 2GGFather: Silas Powell (1788-1862) Johnson Co., GA (at death)

Registered by

Larry Meadows Broadfoot


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