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Matthew Brian Crooks

Registration number 20081018A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Matthew Brian Crooks are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Vert in dexter two pallets Argent and in sinister two pallets Argent interlaced with a bar gemel fesswise Argent, overall a sword erect in pale surmounted by a rose Or barbed and seeded proper centered on the blade all within a bordure componee Or and Vert.
Crest: On a wreath Or and Vert an elephant quarterly Or and Vert bearing a rose Or barbed and seeded proper.
Motto: Perseverantia Omnia Vincit (Perseverance Conquers All Things)
Badge An elephant quarterly Or and Vert bearing a sword erect surmounted by a rose Or barbed and seeded proper centered on the blade.

Biographical information

Born October 27, 1970 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. My father owned and operated a barber shop my mother worked as an acountant. I attended local universities and later worked in social services as a licensed counselor. I am married with two children Katie, and Tom.

Design rationale

I chose the colors gold (generosity), silver (sincerity) and green (hope and joy) as some of the main ways I conduct myself in life as well as attributes I want my children to learn. I liked the look of the pallets on the dexter and on the sinister sides of the shield interwoven with the bar gemel. Family is very important to me and the interwoven design of the pallets and bar gemel reminded me of the interconnectedness and unity found within the family. The sword traditionally represented a pursuit of honor and virtue in war; however I see it more as a readiness to serve and protect the family, home or country in times of crisis and need. The yellow rose represents achievement, one of my defining characteristics. It is placed on top of the sword to highlight my goal of achieving regardless of the situation.The crest is emblematic for several reasons. First it is found on other coats of arms bearing the Crooks surname. Second, collecting elephants was a hobby of my late grandmother. The elephant is as much a remembrance of her as for anything else. Lastly, the symbolism behind the elephant: Great strength, courage, longevity and wit, the core of perseverance and that which is needed to accomplish just about anything.

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