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Peter Gordon Kennedy

Registration number 20080917D

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Peter Gordon Kennedy are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Argent, a chevron Vert between in chief a gear and a harp and in base a standing balance all Azure, all within a bordure Vert.
Crest: On a torse Argent and Vert a tower Azure masoned and ported Argent.
Motto: AUDACITER ASPICIO ULTRA (Boldly Look Beyond)

Biographical information

Born in August 1988, Peter Gordon Kennedy is the only son of Roland and Diane Kennedy. He has had a passion for science since he was in fourth grade and has been interested in architecture, home construction, and remodeling since his early teens. He values the pursuit of knowledge and graduated from high school with high honors. His love of science led him to some interesting hobbies, including element collecting, rock and mineral collecting, and scientific experimentation. Additionally, he loves writing poetry and high fantasy. He wrote his first short story when he was 11, his first novelette when he was 14, and his first novel, Of Orbs and Lords, at the age of 18 and self-published it at the age of 19 through a print-on-demand publisher. Peter has also loved nature since he was very young and enjoys photographing its beauty.

Design rationale

The color green stands for nature, the environment, prosperity, and my birth stone, Peridot. The color white stands for peace and the light of all that is good. Blue represents my favorite color and also stands for tranquility and inspiration. The tower crest represents my interest in architecture, home construction, and remodeling. Metaphorically, the tower also represents the ability to look beyond, which ties in with the motto. The chevron shape also represents my interest in home remodeling and construction. The green bordure represents my love of the natural world and serves the practical purpose of helping the shield to stand out when it is printed on paper. The gear stands for my interest in science and technology and inventiveness. The harp stands for contemplation, meditation, spirituality, and my artistic interests, such as writing and photography. The balance is a symbol for the ideals of equality, justice, moderation, and wise decision making, which are important to me. The motto is Latin for “Boldly Look Beyond.”

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