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St. Edwards University

Registration number 20080911B

This certifies that the heraldic arms of St. Edwards University are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Azure an anchor and scepter in saltire in dexter chief a star Or all surmounted of a cross Argent, debruised in base by a bar wavy Argent voided of the field charged with a heart Or pierced by two arrows in saltire, points to sinister, between two crosses couped Argent.

Organization information

St. Edward's University is a private, Catholic liberal arts institution of more than 5,300 located in one of the world's most vibrant cities, Austin, Texas. Founded in 1885 by the Rev. Edward Sorin, superior general of the Congregation of Holy Cross and the same priest who founded University of Notre Dame, the university offers a liberal arts education emphasizing critical thinking and ethical practice.

Design Rationale

Significance: In the beginning, God created Heaven and earth — all around. Within the cosmic circle, complete and all-embracing as the very ends and limits of creating itself, St. Edward’s University, in its ideals and inspirations, in its system of unified and complete educational philosophy, encompassing the whole of man’s dual nature, fits the shield of our patria, our home and fatherland, these beloved United States of America. Upon a field serrated with the light and dark of life, is emblazoned the cross of Christianity, under which banner we joyfully pass our college days; fortunate to be led educationally forward by devoted Brothers of (that same) Holy Cross: symbolic of their own congregation and taken from their community seal is the anchor (underneath reading Spes Unica, our “only hope,” admitting no other) opposite the regal maze of our patron and namesake, the great King Edward the Confessor, saint of our illustrious ancestors, in whose language we continue to speak and learn, and in whose faith we carry forward our Christian heritage. Above the river of life-giving water, symbol of life’s onward course, is the Lone Star, representingthe great state of Texas, under whose sky we live and enjoy, on whose bank we share the capital city named for the great St. Austin who is symbolized for us by the heart, shot through by twin arrows of love and learning, whose heirs we are and will continue to be.

Registered by

Mark Anthony Olivo


Education, US, S

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