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Leander Alfice Metcalf

Registration number 20080806A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Leander Alfice Metcalf are registered as an original design and described by the blazon below

Arms: Per Fess the Chief per Fess Vert and Sable parted per fleury counter-fleury Or the base tierced per pale Gules Sable Gules partitioned per fleury counter-fleury Or overall an African Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer) stooping proper.
Crest: Issuing from a Torse Or Gules Or Sable two Lions rampant guardant addorsed Vert armed and langued Gules each holding in their upper paw bend sinisterwise and bendwise respectively a single Lightning Flash Azure.
Mantling: To chief Gules and to base Sable both doubled Or.
Motto: Per Virtus, Vires , Diligo Quod Fidelitas (By Valour, Strength, Love and Fidelity)

Design rationale

Shield: The green part of the chief is for the love and unity of the family. The black T (lower part of the chief and center vertical black between the 2 red sides) is for the strength of the family in support of each other and in support of the country. The red is for the warriors in the family and the service they give for the freedoms we cherish. The eagle is recognized as a national symbol of the United States, the nation to which we are citizens, and which we serve to protect as members of her armed forces. It also represents strength, bravery, & alertness in that service and in personal life. The partition lines are made up of gold fleurs-de-lis and represent membership in scouting and the striving to live up to the laws and ideals of scouting in personal, professional, and public life.

Mantling: The gold is for the wisdom and intelligence which one constantly seeks to improve. The red and black have the same meaning as in the shield.

Crest: The blue represents loyalty. The green is unity, love and loyalty to the family. The lions represent strength and courage as an individual and a family unit. The lightning bolts represent swiftness and power.

Design note

The herald is Geoff Kingman-Sugars and the arms were assumed 24 June 2008.

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Personal, Original, US, M

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