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William Hilton Jones

Registration number 20080713B

This certifies that the heraldic arms of William Hilton Jones which honor his grandfather William Henry Jones (1876-1936) are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Azure, on a fess wavy Or a barrulet wavy Gules and in chief three garbs Or.
Crest: A demi-lion Argent, charged on the shoulder with two lozenges conjoined in pale Sable holding in the dexter paw a dagger Argent.


1973 South African Bureau of Heraldry
1974 Wapenbrief uitgereik
1980 Council of the Nobility, Lisbon

Descent from original armiger

  • Father: William Henry Jones, 1903 to 1953, Rhodesia
  • GFather: William Henry Jones, 1876 to 1936, South Africa

Biographical information

William "John" Hilton Jones, born 1935 in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, (now called Harare, Zimbabwe). Schooling, work, military service as a territorial, university, all in Rhodesia. Emigrated to Australia 1981, one year after Zimbabwe independence. First entered the Civil service in 1953. Attended University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (UCRN) 1962, to read for degree of BSc (Economics), graduating January 1965, London University. UCRN was the first planned multiracial university in Africa. An external college of London University until about 1970, when it became a university in its own right. Ministry of Commerce and Industry until 1969, then Ministry of Foreign Affairs until 1981. Adviser to Prime Minister Mugabe during 1980-81 on honours and awards, and Chairman of a Committee to design and establish all the new Zimbabwe awards. First Secretary and Consul in the Rhodesian Diplomatic Mission, Lisbon, from 1971 to 1974 (Military coup on 25 April 1975); Consul Lourenco Marques and Beira, Mocambique, to November 1975 (street riots and Frelimo takeover); Consul Cape Town 1976 (Ian Smith government replaced by Muzorewa government, Guguletu riots in Cape Town); Counsellor and Acting Head of Mission, Pretoria, 1976-79 (Soweto riots and Lord Soames government take-over in Rhodesia); Chief of Protocol (Zimbabwe Independence 18 April 1980). Emigrated to Sydney, Australia, 1981. Worked in administration at Macquarie University until “retirement” in 1995. Completed doctorate in education, then became Principal of Lloyds International College, Sydney, 2001. Military service firstly in the Territorial Army – Royal Rhodesia Regiment (seconded to the Sea Cadet Corps to train naval cadets); Rhodesian School of Infantry - commissioned as Lt 8RRR. Military service between 1965 and 1980 interspersed between diplomatic postings abroad. Active service as platoon commander mostly in the Zambezi Valley against terrorists. Also served in Rhodesian Intelligence Corps (RIC); Rhodesian Engineers (Boat Squadron), patrolling Lake Kariba against terrorist incursions; Rhodesian Air Force (Rhodaf) in Forward Airfield role (adjutant). In Australia appointed by RAAF as officer in the Air Training Corps (AIRTC), retiring 1997 as Squadron Leader. Education over a number of years: 1965, London University, BSc (Economics) Honours; 1966, Goethe Institute, Germany, Certificate in German Language; 1971, University of Rhodesia, Diploma in Portuguese; 1987, Macquarie University, MA (Politics); 1995, RAAF College, Graduate in Service Writing; 1996, Macquarie University, Postgraduate Certificate in TESOL; 1992/5 Macquarie University, elements of MA in Education and Work, transferred to doctoral programme; 1995/9 Macquarie University, EdD (Doctor of Education) – Educational Programme Evaluation; 2000, Australia, AQF Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training. Honours and Awards, mainly military: Rhodesia General Service Medal; Zimbabwe Independence Medal 1980, Silver (200 silver awarded, about 100,000 bronze); Rhodesia Territorial and Reserve Service Medal, one bar; Zimbabwe Air Force Service Medal, Reservist; Public Service Medal, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe (intended to replace the British ISO / ISM awards); Venda Independence Medal, 1979; Australian Cadet Forces Service Medal (replaced the British Cadet Forces Medal). Family – married Sue Oldham, music teacher in Bulawayo in 1969; two daughters, both born in England - Vivienne, married to Stuart White of Canada - Elizabeth, married to David Rumsey of Sydney. Languages (order of fluency) - English, German, Portuguese, French, Afrikaans. 1982, Justice of the Peace, New South Wales. 1993-1999, Academic Senate, Macquarie University, Elected Postgraduate member. 1972 to date – member of the Portuguese Heraldic Society. 1976 to date – member of Orders and Medals Research Society.

Design rationale

Grandfather commissioned after Battle of Somme 1916. Lieutenent pips are the two lozenges. Blue for Cheshire (birthplace). Garbs for Cheshire. Fess for moving overseas to South Africa 1900.

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