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Peter Norman Jones

Registration number 20080609E

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Peter Norman Jones are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Bleu Celeste on a chief wavy Gules fimbriated Or a Cherub between two Martlets respectant and in base a Crwth (Bowed Welsh Lyre) palewise Gold stringed Sable.
Crest: Upon a wreath Or and Gules issuant from a bed of Wattle flowered a Leek proper between two Dragons Wings Argent each charged with a Rose Gules barbed and seeded proper.
Motto: "Persevere"
Badge: In front of two horns addorsed bells downwards and outwards Gold banded Bleu Celeste and linked by an endless Cord looped in chief and in base and on either side Gules a Trefoil slipped Bleu Celeste.


1991 College of Arms (England)


1992 The Armorial and Heraldry Society of Australasia
1992 The Company of Armigers (Australian Chapter)
1992 The Manorial Society of Great Britain

Biographical information

The Armiger was born in Brighton, Sussex, England and attended the Patcham County Secondary School. He served in the Territorial Army as a Musician before joining the Royal Air Force Music Services. He migrated to Australia in 1966 as a French Horn player in the Central Band of the Royal Australian Air Force. In 1974 he entered the teaching profession as a Brass Instrumental Music Teacher in the Victorian Education Department graduating from the State College of Victoria at Hawthorn. A Fellow of Trinity College of Music, London, the Victoria College of Music and the Royal Society of Arts, an Associate of the London College of Music and the Australian Guild of Music and Speech.

Design rationale

The red and sky blue field represent the armiger's Army and Air Force service.The gold martlets come from the Arms of Brighton and Sussex, England his birthplace and the Cherub comes from the Arms of Trinity College of Music London.The Crwth (pronounced "crooth") is an ancient Welsh bowed Lyre which was used to accompany the Welsh bards and is a reference to his Welsh ancestry and his interest and involvement in music.The Dragon's Wings in the crest and the Leek, another Welsh symbol, are further reference to his ancestry and the red roses refer to Lancashire, his father's birthplace. The Golden Wattle is an allusion to the Arms of Australia. The motto "Persevere" comes from the Arms of the London College of Music. The two horns in the Badge are simply a symbol of music and the cord can be seen as a baldrick linking the two horns, rather in the way that the Tudors linked their initials with a decorative knot. The trefoil is a reference to the Arms of the 7th Marquess of Bristol from whom he succeeded to the Lordship of the Manor of Holdingham in Lincolnshire.

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Personal, Original, EN, J

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