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Joseph Ganser

Registration number 20080222C

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Joseph Ganser are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Sanguine, a chevronel inverted between in chief three fleur-de-lis in fess above a cross potent and in base an eagle displayed Or.
Motto: Un Cor, Anima Una (Of One Heart and One Mind).

Biographical information

Born in 1983 to Stephen and Gayle Ganser. Attended public school from Kindergarten until 2002 when I graduated from High School. Graduated from college with a Bachelor degree in science (Biochemistry) in 2006. Entered St. Charles Borromeo Seminary for the Diocese of Allentown in August of 2006. Graduated from the St. Charles pre-theology program in 2008.

Design rationale

The design was first drawn during my freshman year of college as a way to remind me of several important lessons I had been taught and of things to which I inspire. The colors of Sanguine and Gold were the colors used by my family in my fraternity chapter and thus remind me of that era of my life. The Eagle reminds me of my Eagle Scout award (2001) and of the high standards to which I must now hold myself. The three fleur-de-lis represent the virtues which we all need to cultivate in our lives. The cross stands for Christ who for a Catholic seminarian is the center of all things. The Chevron was taken from a Coat of Arms from a former Catholic Bishop and represents the tools of Saint Joseph, my namesake.


The Shield is ensigned with an Ecclesiastical Hat corded and tasselled of one tassel on each side Sable, according to Seminary policy of using priestly insignia during years of study.

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