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Jeffery Andrew Martin

Registration number 20080222B

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Jeffery Andrew Martin are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Ermines flames Tenné surmounted by a snowflake Argent.
Crest: A plate surmounted by a wolf passant ululant proper.
Motto: In need, but never in fear.
Badge: Flames Tenné surmounted by a snowflake Argent.

Design rationale

Since childhood I have defied the odds and succeeded where others have come up short. I am often told when I begin a project or an adventure that I "don't have a snowballs chance in hell." To date I have survived and triumphed. The flake of snow represents my soul and spirit, and the flames represent adversity. The "snowball" that survives in hell. The badge design is just the snowflake and flames. I had it sketched on my body armor in sable when I was deployed to Iraq.

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Personal, Original, US, M

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