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Jill Marci Sybalsky

Registration number 20080222A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Jill Marci Sybalsky are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Quarterly Argent and Vert, 2nd an arm in armor gauntleted holding a thistle Proper, 3rd a scorpion Argent holding an edelweiss flower Proper, overall a ceremonial sword Argent decorated Or on a bend Azure.
Crest: Issuant from a Loyalist military coronet a white tiger rampant armed and langued Gules collared with a label Azure and holding an inkwell and quill in its sinister paw.
Motto: Majoribus nostris gratias habentes ac descendentibus nostris obligati. (Indebted to our ancestors, obliged to our descendants)


2007 Committee on Heraldry of the New England Historic Genealogical Society

Biographical information

Entertainer, genealogist, photographer, consultant and author. Life member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Life member of Clowns of America. Member of Hollywood’s Magic Castle, International Juggling Association, National Press Photographers Association and Professional Photographers of California. Member UELAC, UDC, CALLERLAB, SCVCA, Kennedy Society of North America and Life member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the SAR. Member of The Museum of the Confederacy, The Civil War Preservation Trust, New England Historical Society, New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, National Genealogical Society, Santa Clara County Historical and Genealogical Society, Virginia Genealogical Society, International Internet Genealogical Society, and Association of Professional Genealogists.

Design rationale

Some heraldry authorities believe there are set symbolism to items on a coat of arms, others believe it just represents your likes and dislikes. I have tried to use the most common meanings from heraldry with some things to represent me.

Tinctures: Vert represents hope, joy, and loyalty in love. Gules represents the warrior or martyr, military strength and magnanimity. This was chosen for my ancestors that were involved in the military. Azure represents truth and loyalty.

Crest: The Loyalist Military Coronet has cross swords, maple and oak leaves, and is for descendants of military Loyalists. I have proven my Lewis, Showers and Lottridge Loyalist lines. Still working on proving Willson, McGuire, Rogers, Hunt and others. The Arm (or Hand) in Armour represents a person with qualities of leadership. This represents me and offices I have held in many organizations. The pen w/ink well is for the art of writing and educated employment. The white tiger is holding the pen with ink well, this represents my authoring books. The Tiger represents Fierceness and valor; resentment; dangerous if aroused. The tiger often took the place of the lion as Kind of Beasts in Eastern mythology. It's symbolic of royalty, power, and fearlessness, and was known to be dangerous if aroused. The white tiger is an animal that lives solitarily up in the mountains. It distances itself as far as one can from the noise and smoke and stress of urban life. It is also a mystical animal that rarely shows as anything but a glimpse in the snow and it is as closely related to nature as any animal. It moves in all ways with a stoic calm that seems to suggest a spiritual life lifting its soul far above the dealings of the material world. In Chinese lore the white tiger is a symbol of the west, autumn, and all metals. I chose a white tiger to represent my involvement with magic and entertainment. The Label around the white tiger’s neck represents me as first born.

Shield: The Sword is for justice and military honor. This is in honor of my ancestors and family fighting for what they believed in. The Scorpion is the symbol of both wisdom and self-destruction. The Scorpion's sting could also be directed at enemies and so amulets in the form of Scorpions were worn in many cultures as a protection against evil. It was thought that the Scorpion produced both venom and anti-venom. In some areas this made it an emblem of resurrection and constancy. Selket, the Egyptian goddess and protectress of the dead had the head of a scorpion. For me it is my zodiac birth sign. The Scottish Thistle, held by the arm/hand in armor, is considered the national flower of Scotland. This represents my Scottish heritage. The scorpion holds the Swiss Edelweiss, considered the national flower of Switzerland. This represents my Swiss heritage.

Motto in Latin: Majoribus nostris gratias habentes ac descendentibus nostris obligati. Motto in English: Indebted to our ancestors, obliged to our descendants.

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