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Alexander P. Ellis-Morrison

Registration number 20080204A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Alexander P. Ellis-Morrison borne by his father Blake Andrew Ellis are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Argent a dragon rampant Sable armed, langued, and gorged with an antique crown Gules on a chief per pale Azure and Sable three fleur-de-lis Or.
Crest: On a torse Sable, Gules and Argent two dragons rampant combatant Gules supporting a shield per pale Azure and Sable three fleurs-de-lis Or.
Mantling: Sable doubled Argent.
Motto: Aut Vincere Aut Mori


Armigers bears the Arms of his deceased father Blake Andrew Ellis

Biographical information

The eldest son of Blake Andrew Ellis & Jennifer Morrison.

Registered by

Evan Charles Ellis


Personal, Ancestral, US, E

Roll of Arms