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Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Parish

Registration number 20070707K

This certifies that the heraldic arms of the Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Parish are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Per Pale: Quarterly Gules and Argent a Cross Bottony throughout counterchanged; Azure above a Chalice a Glory Or charged with a Cross Humetty Gules.
Motto: Ave Verum Corpus [Hail the True Body of Christ]

Organization note

Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Parish is a parish within the Diocese of Knoxville, TN. This parish celebrates its Centennial in July of 2007. It has served for 100 years as the center of a very large mission territory of the Catholic Church in East Tennessee.

Design rationale

The dexter side of the arms displays a counterchanged cross botonny in red, symbolizing Christ's passion, blood and sacrifice, and in white, symbolizing Christ purity and innocence. The design on the dexter side also reflects a design found on the arms of the State of Maryland, the first English Catholic presence in the US. The sinister side of the arms displays a blue ground with a gold chalice with a radiant Eucharistic Host above it. The blue of the field of the sinister side represents the infinite nature of the sky, or heaven, with the Eucharistic chalice and Host displayed in gold symbolizing their precious nature. The entire arms is to symbolize Christ's sacrifice in blood, on the dexter side, resulting in the gift of the Eucharist given to humankind for all eternity, on the sinister side.

Registered by

John T. Strunk & International Association of Amateur Heralds


Origanization, Religion, US, B

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