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John Jenkins Chalinder

Registration number 20070623F

This certifies that the heraldic arms of John Jenkins Chalinder are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Sable between three Mullets of six points Or pierced Gules and Eastern Dragon Argent eyed Gules semi-encircling to sinister a Globe of the Earth centered on Latitude 37 degrees North, Longitude 96 degrees West proper
Crest: On a Torse Argent Sable Argent Gules Argent Sable a demi-Dragon rampant Argent armed and langued Gules holding between its Claws a Globe of the Earth centered on Latitude 37 degrees North, Longitude 96 degrees West proper
Mantling: To Dexter Sable doubled Argent to sinister Gules doubled Argent
Motto: Ad Alta, Ad Astra, Ad Infinitum (To the Heights, To the Stars, To Infinity)

Biographical note

Born in Harlem Hospital, NYC, NY 04MAR47 to Nina Beverly (Johnson) Chalinder and John Jenkins Chalinder, who descended from John Jenkins Chalinder and Mary Eynen of Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Raised from age 3 to age 9 by maternal great uncle (Lester Earl Tanner) and his wife (Helen Tanner, nee Elliot) in Binghamton, NY while natural parents were separated. Rejoined natural parents when they reunited in Newark, NJ at age 9, subsequent to Aunt's death. Parents tended to move every few years, so attended many schools over the next few years, including: St Mary's and Forrest Street Schools in Newark, NJ; Our Lady of the Valley (7th, 8th & 9th grades) in Orange, NJ. Dropped out of school after finishing 9th grade to find work. Left home shortly after and joined the Job Corps for a season. Left Job Corps and moved to Southern California and took up residence with an artist in Los Angeles for a decade or so. Got married to Dianna Jean Berry in March, 1970 at age 23. Divorced following year. Wandered the USA for many decades trying every conceivable profession trying to 'find myself'. Became ordained minister May, 2002. Acquired several college degrees via online courses through Canterbury University, UK. My favorite pastime/profession was as a tattoo artist. I am now semi-retired and disabled and living in the beautiful Flathead Valley of Northwestern Montana, in the city of Kalispell.

Design rationale

I've always had an affinity with dragons as mystical beasts. Also, dragons are a common theme in tattooing. I aspire ' the heights, to the stars, to infinity...' not recognising any limitations to the soul. My preferred color scheme has always been black, red and silver... black for the mystery, red for passion, and silver to denote the wealth of the soul. The earth depicts the birthplace and environment of this body's earthly walk, as I have travelled the United States extensively, and am still a vagabond at heart. (Original design worked out with the help of Australian Herald: Geoff Kingman-Sugars. Original artwork rendered by Artist: Barrie J. Burr.)

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Personal, Original, US, C

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