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William Harris Britton III (1935-1999)

Registration number 20061226G

This certifies that the heraldic arms of William Harris Britton III (1935-1999) which were born by his 23rd great grandfather Alfred Le Breton are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Azure on the upper part of a bend Or between six estoile of the second an escutcheon of Normandy (Gules two leopards passant guardant in pale Or armed and langued Azure), en surtout an inescutcheon of Brittany (Ermine plain).

Ancestors who bore these arms

  • Father: William Harris Britton Jr. (1915-1988) Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Grandfather: William Harris Britton Sr. (b. 1884) Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • 1st GGrandfather: Joseph S. Britton (1842-1915) Pennsylvania, USA
  • 2nd GGrandfather: George W. Britton (1814-1881) Monongalia, WV, USA
  • 3rd GGrandfather: Wilson Britton (1766-1851) Frederick, VA, USA
  • 4th GGrandfather: John W. Britton (b.~1745) Montgomery, Virginia Commonwealth
  • 5th GGrandfather: James Britton (b.~1710) Henrico, Virginia Commonwealth
  • 6th GGrandfather: William Britton (1690-1770) Henrico, Virginia Commonwealth
  • 7th GGrandfather: John Britton (b.~1660) Henrico, Virginia Commonwealth
  • 8th GGrandfather: John Britton (b. 1623) Cavendish, Suffolk, England
  • 9th GGrandfather: John Bretton (b.~1581) Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England
  • 10th GGrandfather: John Bretton (b.~1551) London, England
  • 11th GGrandfather: John Breton (b.~1520) Tamworlth, Stafford, England
  • 12th GGrandfather: Nicholas Breton (b.~1490) Syrescotes, Stafford, England
  • 13th GGrandfather: Johannes Breton (b.~1465) Stafford, England
  • 14th GGrandfather: Johannes Breton (1440-1500) Tamworlth, Stafford, England
  • 15th GGrandfather: Johannes Breton (b.~1410) Coventry, Warwick, England
  • 16th GGrandfather: Johannes Breton (1370-1411) Tamworlth, Stafford, England
  • 17th GGrandfather: Adam Breton (1340-1398) Tamworlth, Stafford, England
  • 18th GGrandfather: Johannes Breton (b.~1300) Tamworlth, Stafford, England
  • 19th GGrandfather: William Breton (b.~1270) Tamworlth, Stafford, England
  • 20th GGrandfather: Johannes Breton (1236-1306) Northumberland, England
  • 21st GGrandfather: William le Breton (b.~1210) Northumberland, England
  • 22nd GGrandfather: Randolph le Breton (b.~1180) Dodington, Northumberland, England
  • 23rd GGrandfather: Alfred Le Breton

Historical note

Seven generations carried the black cross inescutcheon (from Johannes Breton, b~1300 in Tamworlth, to Nicholas Breton b~1490 in Syrescotes). But the inescutcheon changed during John Breton's lifetime (William's 11 GGrandfather, b~1520 in Tamworlth) to Ermine plain.

Registered by

Henri Le Breton


Personal, Ancestral, US, B

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