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Clifford R. Barnes

Registration number 20061209B

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Clifford R. Barnes which are borne by his father Wayne L. Barnes are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Sable a gryphon segreant Or langued and armed Gules within a triple tressure Or Argent Or flory of eight Argent. Overall a label of three points for the lifetime of his father.
Crest: Issuing from a torse Or and Sable within a circlet of shamrocks Proper a garb of barley Or banded fesswise Gules, Argent and Azure.
Motto: By Virtue Be Known

Design rationale

The design is result of input from Wayne Barnes and his two sons Clifford and Patrick. Each individual contributed a design element to the final shield. The Gryphon symbolizes Clifford's career in law enforcement and denotes the duty of protection and vigilance. The triple tressure symbolizes Patrick's career as a CAD drafter and the lines (treasures) denote the precision found in draft work. The fleurs symbolize Wayne's life-long affiliation with Boy Scouting and the fleurs are the well known symbol of the Boy Scouts.

The crest displays a garb of barley. The name Barnes historically denotes one who lives or works in or near a barn. The original word barn derives from the building which housed reaped barley. Thus, the garb of barley is meant to symbolize the surname Barnes. The garb is banded by a ribbon of red, white and blue which denotes the family's American citizenship, while the circlet of shamrocks denotes the family's paternal Irish heritage.

Historical note

During research of the family's paternal line it was found that there were no granted Arms to any individual that was identified. With this, it was decided to create Coat of Arms which would be assumed and registered to Wayne Barnes and carried on by his two sons Clifford and Patrick and their descendants. The design was finalized and assumed on June 18th, 2005.

Ancestors who bore these arms

Father: Wayne L. Barnes

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