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Dominican University

Registration number 20061031B

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Dominican University are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Gyronny of eight argent and sable, a cross flory countercharged, thereon an open book argent, edged or, the dexter page inscribed CARITAS, the sinister page VERITAS; on a chief azure three roses argent.

Organization information

Dominican University was founded as St. Clara College in Sinsinawa, WI in 1901 by the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary. It is now located in River Forest, Illinois.


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Design Rationale

The gyrons, or eight triangles in sable and silver, which are characteristic features in both form and color of the escutcheon of the Dominican Order, constitute the groundwork of the field of our shield.

Sable typifies silence, wisdom, honor and fortitude. With silver, it stands for renown. The gyronny itself signifies working in unity for the public good. The cross, known as the cross flory, is also taken from the Dominican insignia. Symbolic of the source, life and mission of both institutes, it suggests the duty and nobility of self-sacrifice.

Above the field is the “chief of patronage” in blue and silver, Our Lady’s heraldic colors. It displays three heraldic roses, the rose being an attribute of Our Lady, and the number three honoring the Blessed Trinity and suggesting the three parts of the rosary. The chief thus expresses the name of the college, as well as the restrictions that heraldry permit. The whole shield thus indicates a Dominican college under the patronage of Our Lady of the Rosary. The open book in the center of the shield, the one academic charge used, bears the inscription Caritas Veritas, which constitutes the motto of the college. Caritas—charity. Veritas—truth. Rosary College, a privileged unit in the worldwide family of God, aims at the spreading of Christ’s work, desires and life by the persistent manifestation of God’s truth in charity.

Registered by

Michael Swanson


Education, US, D

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