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Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina

Registration number 20061022D

This certifies that the heraldic arms of the Catholic Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Per bend or and gules, on a bend argent three crosses moline sable, on a chief of the second lion passant guardant of the first.


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Design Rationale

The arms based upon those of His Holiness, Pope Pius VII who established the See on July 20, 1820. This Pope was of the Chiarmonti family which bore a shield diagonally divided. Because he was a Benedictine monk the Diocese displays in her arms three "moline" crosses symbolic of that ancient Order.

To commemorate the See City, named in honor for King Charles II of England, a golden lion from the arms of this sovereign is displayed on a red "chief." This majestic beast is also an heraldic pun on the name of the founding Bishop John England inasmuch as the golden lion "passant guardant" on a red field is known as the "Lion of England."

Registered by

Michael Swanson


Roman Catholic Diocese, US, C

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