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Kevin Rolland Kane

Registration number 20061018C

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Kevin Rolland Kane borne by his father Rolland Louis Kane are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Per pale and per chevron Vert and Azure, in dexter chief two salmon naiant, in sinister chief a broad-axe, in base a salmon naiant, all Argent.
Crest: On a wreath Argent and Azure between two raven's wings displayed of the second a celtic cross of the first accompanied above by two lozenges Vert.
Motto: Vert doubled Argent.

Ancestors who bore these arms

Armiger's father: Rolland Louis Kane (1946-) USA

Design rationale

Like many people, we had for years assumed that the often seen "family crest" for the name Kane (Vert three fish two and one Argent) was in some way related to us based on our family name. We had purchased coffee mugs, key chains, etc. and had grown attached to the design. Upon learning more of heraldry, and discovering that we had no real connection to this design, we decided to create an original coat of arms that played off this familiar base, while incorporating elements specific to our Norwegian lineage.

Thus this design was born. The green field (for the armiger's Irish heritage, and Kane surname) was parted with blue, and the fish formerly located in sinister chief was placed with its companion (dexter chief) to make way for a broad-axe. The broad-axe over blue represents the armiger's Norwegian heritage and the Jacobson family (armiger's mother's side).

The fish in the design were specified as salmon for their ancient Celtic symbolism (knowledge and wisdom), and because the armiger is an avid salmon fisherman. The axe was chosen in part for its dual symbolism as an implement of war and farming.

In the case of the crest, the colors blue and white represent the USA. The wings represent protection and freedom. They are raven's wings for their Viking symbolism (wisdom, intelligence, battle totem). The Celtic cross represents the Christian faith, Celtic heritage and a bridge to the past. The two lozenges represent integrity.

Other Registrations

  • The American College of Heraldry #2790

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