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Michael Conrad Swanson

Registration number 20060803A

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Michael Conrad Swanson are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Gules three Rye Stalks in bend and as many in bend sinister interlaced within sixteen Roses in orle Or.
Crest: An Eagle rising wings elevated and addorsed Gules holding in its dexter talon a Rye Stalk Or.
Motto: Question with Boldness


2005 New England Historic Genealogical Society Committee on Heraldry

Design rationale

Red and gold were the original Finnish national colors before 1918, and are the symbolic colors of the Swedish-speaking population in Finland. The armiger's paternal ancestors lived in Vr, Finland, before the 16th century until 1892, when his great grandfather, Mickel Mickelsson Svens a.k.a. Mike Swanson (1874-1961), immigrated to the United States. The rye stalks represent the community of Vr, Finland, which is called the Realm of Rye. The rye also represents the history of farming in all branches of the family. The fretted pattern of the stalks alludes to the interconnectness of nature and how strength can be constructed from weakness. The roses represent the English ancestry of the armiger's maternal grandfather, Carroll Lee Osmun (1903-1992), as well as Osmun's love of roses and interest in gardening – an avocation shared by the armiger's mother and wife. The eagle is a canting symbol of the last name of the armiger's wife, Rebecca Lynn Eagles. The rye clutched in its talon represents the union of the Eagles and Swanson families.

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