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Alex Green-Rodriguez

Registration number 20060629K

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Alex Green-Rodriguez are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Azure, a pall Argent, in center chief a bible with cross Sable, two sheep passant respectant Argent.
Crest: A dove in flight Argent.
Motto: Salus Per Christum

Design rationale

The tinctures Azure is for loyalty and truth, Argent for peace amd sincerety. The Pall or Shakefork is considered to have a heraldic status of an ecclesiastical charge. I hold the position of Senior Pastor at my current church Tabernáculo de la Fe Church of God. The Bible with cross positioned at the center chief represents God as the center most important position on the family. The two white sheep represent two servants of God, husband and wife facing each other with God above them. The white dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit, came from above, from God and blessed us all. The motto, "Salus Per christum," or "Salvation Thru Christ," is the golden ribbon that encloses our believe that salvation comes only thru Jesus Christ the son of God.

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Personal, Original, US, G

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