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Dennis Michael Mueller

Registration number 20060515F

This certifies that the heraldic arms of Dennis Michael Mueller are registered as an original design and are described by the blazon below

Arms: Per bend Argent and Azure on a bend Gules five cross-crosslets Or between in chief a lion rampant Gules ducally crowned, armed and langued Or and in base a dexter wing displayed argent with a cloverstalk Or
Crest: An open book encircled by a crown of thorns all proper the pages charged with the letters Alpha and an Omega Sable
Motto: Sicut Ipse Ambulavit

Design rationale

The field tinctures of Azure and Argent and the charges of the lion rampant Gules and the dexter wing displayed Argent with cloverstalk Or were inspired by the Coat of Arms for the village of Kippenheimweiler, the armiger's ancestral village in the former state of Baden, Germany. These tinctures and charges were selected to clearly demonstrate the arminger's paternal connection to his ancestral village, as family history and customs are of great significance and importance from both a genealogical and personal standpoint. The armiger's ancestors who bear the same surname have been traced back to 1739 in Kippenheimweiler.

The Arms for the former state of Baden are Or a bend Gules. The bend Gules was incorporated into the arminger's Arms to represent his paternal extended family's connection to many other villages in the state of Baden. The tincture Or for the cross-crosslets was selected to strengthen the tie to the Arms of Baden. The armiger's ancestral roots in Baden have been traced back to the mid 1600s.

The three primary tincture of Gules, Argent (typically displayed as White in heraldry), and Azure when taken as a whole represent the arminger's American heritage. The tinctures provide for a nice blending of the arminger's American heritage and his ancestral German roots in Kippenheimweiler and Baden.

The five cross-crosslets displayed in bend represent the importance and centrality of the arminger's Christian faith in both his personal life and his profession as a Director of Faith Formation with the Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The cross-crosslet has been a heraldic charge traditionally used to represent the fourfold mystery of the Cross of Christ. The use of five cross-crosslets represents the five wounds Christ suffered upon the cross (the right and left hands, the feet, the pierced side and the crowning with thorns).

The crest design further testifies to the professional role of the arminger and the importance of his faith in his personal life. A book displayed open in heraldic symbolism often represents manifestation. Here as depicted in the crest it represents the Bible and the arminger's professional role in making the Word of God manifest in the lives of those he ministers. The charges of the Alpha and Omega represent Christ as the beginning and the end. They are charged upon the Bible to represent Christ as the fulfillment of Scripture.

The crown of thorns represents the passion of Christ which is of central importance to the arminger and his ministry. It encircles the Word of God as a further representation of Christ being the fulfillment of scripture and fullness of God's revelation.

The motto, "Sicut Ipse Ambulavet," is Latin for "to walk as he himself walked." It is adapted from and inspired by sacred scripture 2 John 2:6. The motto encompasses the mission of the arminger's profession, namely to form others in faith so that they may walk as Christ himself walked. As a motto, it reflects the desire of the armiger to walk in the footsteps of Christ. For it was Christ's love for the Father that lead him to have faith in God and because he had such a profound faith in his heavenly father he lived is life in obedience to his will. So too are we called to Walk as He Walked.

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