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David Leonard Moody

Registration number 20060215E

This certifies that the heraldic arms of David Leonard Moody which were borne by his 11th great-grandfather Edmund Moody of Bury St. Edmunds (1495-1562) are registered and described by the blazon below

Arms: Argent on a Chevron engrailed Sable between three Trefoils slipped Vert as many Lozenges Or and on a Chief Azure two Clouds Argent and out of each an Arm issuant sleeved Or the hands proper supporting a Rose Gules.
Crest: On a Wreath Argent and Gules Two Arms vested Gules and Vert embowed in saltire the hands proper each holding a Falchion Argent hilts and quillons Or.


1987 College of Arms in London

Historical note

Blazon from a 16th century certificate from the College of Arms for Edmund Moody: Silver on a Cheveron engrailed sable betwene the Trefles vert iii Lozenges golde in chef asur two clowdes owt of every clowde an Arme yssuante sleved golde profled goules the sherte apparaunte at the hande silver supportyng a Rose goules traced and porfled and in the myddest the bud golde upon a helme on a wrethe silver goules Two Woodhowse Armes goules and verte in crosse holding in every hande a fawchyon silver hilted and hafted golde manteled goules dobled silver

Design rationale

Edmund saved the life of King Henry VIII and was awarded lands and arms. The arms include the Tudor Rose symbolic of Henry VIII.

Ancestors who bore these arms

Father: Leonard Moody (1905-1969) Iowa
Grandfather: Arnold Moody (1874-1928) New York
1st GGrandfather: Warren Moody (1838-1896) Massachusetts
2nd GGrandfather: Edwin Moody 1800-1841 Massachusetts
3rd GGrandfather: Isaiah Moody 1773-1835 Massachusetts
4th GGrandfather: Noah Moody 1742-1812 Massachusetts
5th GGrandfather: Joseph Moody 1712-1803 Massachusetts
6th GGrandfather: Ebenezer Moody 1675-1757 Massachusetts
7th GGrandfather: Samuel Moody 1635-1689 Connecticut
8th GGrandfather: John Moody 1593-1655 England
9th GGrandfather: George Moody 1560-1607 England
10th GGrandfather: Richard Moody 1525-1574 England
11th GGrandfather: Edmund Moody 1495-1562 England

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