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Carl David Burleigh

20060215C - Registered 15 February 2006

Blazon of Shield

Tierced in pairle reversed Sable, Vert, and Argent, in the first and second a cross fleury Argent triparted quarterly pierced of the field, in the third a brown bear rampant proper.

Blazon of Crest

On a wreath Argent and Vert a demi brown bear rampant proper supporting an oaken flagstaff proper flying therefrom to sinister a banner per pale Sable and Vert a cross fleury Argent triparted quarterly pierced of the field the three fly edges fringed compony Argent and Sable.


Virtus Sola Nobilitas

Blazon of Badge

A brown bear's head caboshed proper jessant of a cross fleury triparted Argent.

Record of grant or prior registration

None submitted

Design rationale

This device incorporates tinctures and metals most appealing to the armiger and in addition charges representative of my mixed English, French, (crosses fleury) and German (bear rampant) heritage. According to the armiger, most people who know him relate his character to a bear, for good or ill.

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Personal, Original, USA, 2006

Roll of Arms